The Absolute Best Electric RC Zeppelins

eBlimp is the only RC Zeppelin to offer LED signs

Electric Advertising Zeppelins

Advertising Zeppelins With Programable LED Signs

Zeppelins with Cameras

Solar Powered RC Zeppelins

* Sizes from 3-15 meters

* Digital printed or removable advertisments

* Powerful High performance flight even in moderate winds

* Quality Carbon Fiber & Aluminum Parts

* Made in the USA

* True Quality only from eBlimp.com

* Stabilized 2 & 3 Axis Gimbals with Remote Control

* Carry Any Camera you want

* SD Analog or 1080 HD Digital Video Downlink

* Available for Rental or Sale

* Longer flight times than Drones or other Brand Blimps

* Safer than Drones or Fixed Wing Aircraft

* Custom Sized LED Matrices

* Optomized, for Text, Logos or even Video

* Preprogrammed on SD Card or Transmit Images Live

* Made in the USA

* True Quality only from eBlimp.com

* Continous flight in bright sunlight with light winds

* Carrys cameras, LEDs, or other payload.

* Reserve Battery Power to Manintain Power During Gusts

* Available with Autopilot for Extended Range

* Up to 12 hour Flight Times

Custom Shaped Zeppelins

* Inflatable RC Zeppelins can be custom Shaped to resmble your mascot

* Custom LED lighting can be installed for many animated effects

* Hinged body parts such as waving arms

* Voice recordings and Talking loudspeakers